Hold the nuggets—and the fries. A new version of the family getaway has emerged, and it's all about being health conscious. Pritikin runs one- and two-week camps for parents and kids (ages nine and up) at the Yacht Club at Turnberry Isle resort near Miami (; adults $2,300 per week, children $1,800). The children play beach volleyball and take cooking classes while parents salsa and learn how to kick junk food. At the Hills Health Ranch in Cariboo, British Columbia (; chalets from $159), families scale mountains on horseback and learn cowboy songs. They also attend stress management classes and eat spa cuisine under the guidance of therapists and nutritionists. Even Disneyland, kingdom of overconsumption, is getting with the healthful vacation program. Kids' meals are now available with the option of carrots instead of fries, and milk or orange juice instead of soda.
—Emily Shetler

Hills Health Ranch