Q: I've heard there's a bedbug epidemic—how do I know that the hotel we're staying at is bug-free?

A: You're right to be creeped out—in this country alone, the incidence of bedbugs has more than doubled in the past year. And these bloodthirsty nocturnal critters don't discriminate: they've found their way into even the nicest hotels. Adult bedbugs swell to the size of an apple seed, so have a look at the mattresses, especially around the tufts and seams. Spotty, dark stains (bedbug blood and excrement…) are another telltale sign. To be absolutely sure that nothing's lurking, use a blow-dryer to blast the mattress with hot air. Bedbugs are heat-seeking creatures and will come out of hiding—which means it's time for you to buzz off.