Pinafores, Ahoy
When Brigid de Guzman sent her sister's four-year-old a hand-stitched dress, her sister secretly whisked it away to the buyers at Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan, who put de Guzman in business. She has since opened her own shop (49 Audrey Ave., Oyster Bay, N.Y.; 516/922-6009; mail orders welcome), filled with her soft-cotton party frocks, rickrack-trimmed pinafores, and gingham rompers. Located in well-preserved, toity Oyster Bay, Long Island, the shop looks like a satisfying holdover from the days when Teddy Roosevelt swaggered around town. Sagamore Hill, his house, is now a museum, and the nearby nature sanctuary is perfect for a woodland hike. You can also rent a sailboat and tour the bay—just be sure to pick up a bonnet from Brigid first.

Wild in Ohio
Thrill-ride junkies know that Sandusky, Ohio's Cedar Point amusement park (1 Cedar Point Dr.; 419/627-2350) is home to 14 roller coasters—the most in the world—including the Magnum XL-200. Now there are two more reasons to check out this town on the edge of Lake Erie. The Millennium Force roller coaster, 310 feet high and reaching speeds of 93 mph, is the fastest and tallest in the world. The nearby new Great Bear Lodge (4600 Milan Rd.; 888/779-2327; suites from $249, with four water park passes) has "kid cabins" in 46 of its 271 suites, and an indoor water park featuring seven slides and a tree house armed with a 1,000-gallon water bucket. Look out below!

Goo Goo, Go Go
The fashion world has suddenly zoomed in on baby travel. The tiny and trendy can get around in Burberry car seats (plaid, natch) and BabyBjörn-style Gucci carriers. Now car companies are heading in the same direction. Out this month, Jeep's stroller line (from $49.99; 800/453-7673) is for those in search of front- and back-wheel suspension. Next?Land Rover is bracing to cross the Atlantic with its own SUV of baby buggies.

Escape to Summer
How do you like your classic warm-weather retreats—with some baseball or beach?The premier hotel in Cooperstown, New York, the 136-room Otesaga (60 Lake St.; 800/348-6222 or 607/547-9931; family of four $329, including breakfast and dinner), on Lake Otsego, has just completed a $34 million renovation. It's across from the Farmer's Museum and minutes from the Baseball Hall of Fame. On Martha's Vineyard, the new 48-room Winnetu Inn & Resort (31 Dunes Rd.; 978/443-1733; family of four from $1,350 for three nights) has a kids' program, plus rides in a 1929 Ford Woody; Wednesday is clambake night.

Who's Game?
If you have a car ride or flight on the horizon, and a crew to amuse, catch this: on June 11, Nintendo's Game Boy Advance ($99.95; 800/255-3700) arrives with a friendly new feature—four units can compete with each other using one game cartridge. Front-and- back-seat Super Mario, anyone?

Only 19 Days Of Vacation A Year?
That's what Americans average.* Here's how many days the rest of the world gets.

Japan: 25
Argentina: 27
U.K.: 28
Australia: 30
Spain: 30
Switzerland: 30
Greece: 31
Brazil: 32
Egypt: 32
Germany: 35
Denmark: 36
France: 36
Italy: 40

*Includes number of vacation days and public holidays.

By Elizabeth GarnseyHillary Geronemus and Margot Guralnick