By Erika Owen
July 12, 2016
Getty Images

When Huma Mobin's new husband was denied a visa for what was supposed to be a romantic honeymoon through Greece, she could have given up on the whole trip.

Instead, she decided to make the best of the situation. She set off without him, and took photos the whole way.

Instead of the sappy snaps you'd expect from a pair of newlyweds on their honeymoon, Mobin shared photos of her arm draped around the spot where her partner, Arsalaan Sever Butt, should have been.

Even though her hubby couldn't go, Mobin didn't travel alone. The vacation had already been paid for so she brought along her new in-laws. If this isn't the script for a romantic comedy (unromantic comedy?), we don't know what is.

And even though she's making a sad face in the photos, it looks like she had fun doing taking them.

Mobin lost her phone during the trip, and also immortalized the device in a similar fashion as her beau.

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