By Erika Owen
December 12, 2016
Couple Hiking
Credit: Jordan Siemens

Mike and Anne Howard's planned one-year honeymoon turned into the adventure of a lifetime, and it's still going, ever since they took off in January 2012.

Four years later, the two have visited 50 countries around the world. If this sounds totally unattainable, prepare to be surprised: The couple is doing it on less than $25 a day—combined.

In an interview with The Washington Post, the Howards shared their travel tips that make it possible for them to spend so little. That amount covers lodging, food, flights, and whatever activities they do.

The couple quit their jobs in New York City to embark on their honeymoon, originally allotting themselves $39 each to spend every day.

Their secret is not burning through their budget on one experience.

“Instead, immerse yourself in a particular town or village—it’s cheaper and more fun," Anne told the Post. “You have to be somewhere at least a week to begin to get a feel for how people live there. When you do move on to a new town, take a bus instead of an airplane. It’ll take longer, but you’ll get to see the countryside roll by and maybe even make friends along the way.”

“We thought, you know, waiting till we are 65 and retired to follow our dreams seemed like a really risky plan,” Mike said. “Let’s get out there and travel while we are young and healthy.”

The duo is now making a living from their travels, stopping to give lectures and running the website HoneyTrek to make some money on the road.

You can read more about the countries they've visited and the people they've met on their adventures on their blog, which highlights each stop.

If you're looking for tips on how they made this lifestyle change, the Howards run a business called TripCoach that helps perspective travelers create their own budget and plan for their own trip around the world. Read more about it on TripCoach.