How to Have the Perfect Honeymoon in Greece

Planning a romantic honeymoon in Greece? Here's what you need to know.

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Congratulations, you've made it through the engagement parties, the wedding planning, and perhaps even the actual wedding ceremony. Now comes the fun part — plotting out your honeymoon. Sure, the list is endless when it comes to perfect honeymoon destinations, but one that's remained at the top of the list year after year is Greece.

Thanks to its plentiful sunshine, cultural attractions, world-class food, and over-the-top romantic views, Greece is a timeless favorite when it comes to honeymoon spots. Ready to make your escape to the Mediterranean nation? Here's everything you need to know to plan the perfect honeymoon in Greece.

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When to Visit Greece for Your Honeymoon

There really isn't a bad time to visit Greece, but a few months are better than others when it comes to weather. "The months we would suggest for a perfect honeymoon in Greece are May, June, September, and early October," Mina Agnos, the president and co-founder of Travelive, which specializes in creating unique travel experiences in Greece, shared with Travel + Leisure. "You will avoid the crowds, the heat. The weather is still perfect for swimming, sailing, sightseeing, or just lounging by the pool or beach."

Though if you're looking to experience the famed Greek Island party scene, you'll have to come at the height of the tourism season, between early July to the end of August. This time period is when you can expect all the bars, restaurants, and beach clubs to not only be open but also to be packed with other vacationers who will happily toast to your new marriage.

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Most Romantic Greek Islands to Visit

Speaking of the Greek Islands, we wanted to share a few ideal places in the archipelago for honeymooners. Again, it all comes down to your preferred taste, but one of the best is Milos, a perennial favorite on Travel + Leisure's World's Best list. The island is small but packs a major punch for sightseeing thanks to its otherworldly beaches and cultural attractions like the Catacombs of Milos.

For more of a party atmosphere, head to the center of the action at Mykonos. You'll find plentiful beach clubs alongside new, luxury hotels like Kalesma. Looking for more hustle and bustle? Make your way to Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands. It's so packed with beaches, cultural attractions, high-end hotels, and delicious dining options that you may need to extend your honeymoon by a few weeks just to get a taste.

Agnos also recommends heading to Santorini, specifically to spend time at Mystique Resort, which is "carved right into the cliffs," or Istoria Hotel on Perivolos Beach, "a hotel that has finally turned Santorini into a real beach destination."

For fewer fellow tourists, Agnos suggests heading to the smaller island of Paros. "It's more rural, primarily a fishing island, but with stunning architecture and the views you'd expect from a Cycladic island," she says. "It is laid back, relaxed but offers exceptional accommodation and dining options and more than 40 great beaches to choose from." Here, Agnos suggests checking into Parilio, a white-washed hotel with glittering blue pools just begging you to jump in anytime.

Want more? Check out all the different Greek Islands and what they have to offer.

The Heart Pool overlooking the sea at Calilo in Ios, Greece
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Romantic Activities for Your Honeymoon in Greece

Greece offers something for everyone when it comes to activities. Book a little time on the water via a private sunset cruise or catamaran ride to spark a honeymoon fire. Many vendors offer half-day or full-day excursions so you and your newly betrothed can kick back on the boat to catch some sun, go snorkeling or scuba diving in the gin-clear waters, or toast to your new life together with a bottle of Champagne onboard.

Or, you can try getting hands-on together in a Greek cooking class. Learn how to craft dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves), perfect your spanakopita (spinach pie), or try your hand at saganaki (the best fried cheese you'll ever have).

You can also make your way to one of the nation's many wineries for a tour, tasting, and a few lessons on how the Greeks have been growing and harvesting their grapes for millennia. For an extra-special visit, make your way to the island of Tinos for a private tour of the T-onios vineyard, which harvests just 20,000 bottles a year from a vineyard that sits in the very same spot as one did more than 2,000 years ago.

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How to Save on a Greek Honeymoon

While you may be trying to plan a romantic and memorable honeymoon, you also don't want to start your new marriage in vacation debt. There are a few ways to save, but the best answer we can give is to try to avoid traveling during peak season. By traveling during shoulder season (the few months before and after the primary holiday season), you could save on everything from flights to hotel rates and may even find that it's easier to score hard-to-get restaurant reservations and activities. For Greece, this means traveling in April, May, and June, and again in September and October, which really isn't much of a sacrifice as the weather is still ideal.

Next, inform your hotel concierge that you're visiting for your honeymoon because, as Agnos says, they may be willing to upgrade you or provide extra perks for free.

"Check for accommodation options with extra perks and even get your travel advisor to ask for extra perks," she added. "After all, who doesn't like to make honeymooners feel special?"

Lastly, think about traveling to those lesser-known destinations. For the islands, that means spots like Tinos, Samos, Ikaria, and more. They'll take you a little off the beaten path but could provide you with lower prices and far more unique memories.

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