Snorkeling in Greece
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When it’s time to plan for a honeymoon, there are plenty of places to travel to celebrate your newlywed status. And many of those options are cliché — Hawaii, Paris, or the Carribean are often the go-to options. Nothing is wrong with taking the standard route — it is your trip to plan, after all, and you should go where you want. But if Greece isn't already on your short list, you'll want to add it.

Greece has sites to see, delicious food to eat, and romantic places to stay — as well as beautiful beaches, warm weather, and breathtaking scenery.

If you decide to plan a honeymoon in Greece, here are some tips from locals, including when to visit, the most romantic places to stay, and how to save on your vacation.

When to Visit

“The months we would suggest for a perfect honeymoon in Greece are May, June, September, and early October,” said Mina Agnos, the president and co-founder of Travelive, which specializes in creating unique travel experiences in Greece. “You will avoid the crowds, the heat and most importantly you will have the option to save quite a few dollars by arriving before or after the peak season. The weather is still perfect for swimming, sailing, sightseeing or just lounging by the pool or beach.”

Eric Chamberlain with the travel company Kimkim agreed.

“May and September are great options to avoid the peak summer crowds while still experiencing great weather,” he said. “May has the draw of long days, while in September the water temperature tends to be warmer for swimming.”

Most Romantic Places to Stay

While much of Greece is romantic and beautiful, Agnos said a few locations stand out as being perfect for honeymooners.

First of all, Santorini, though she cautions that this island with its “white-washed streets, colorful cave houses and the caldera views” is very popular and packed during peak season. But travel in the spring or fall and it’s a “honeymooner’s dream” she said.

For places to stay, she recommends Mystique Resort, “carved right into the cliffs” or Istoria Hotel on Perivolos Beach, “a hotel that has finally turned Santorini into a real beach destination.”

If you’re looking for a romantic activity, she said to try a private or semi-private sunset cruise on a catamaran.

Another place that’s less crowded is Paros, Agnos said. “It's more rural, primarily a fishing island but with stunning architecture and the views you'd expect from a Cycladic island,” she said. “It is laid back, relaxed but still offers exceptional accommodation and dining options and more than 40 great beaches to choose from.”

And if that doesn't sell you on it, she said it's Tom Hanks' and Madonna's favorite island in Greece. The best place to stay on the island is the newly opened Parilio.

Agnos also recommended Naxos for hiking, windsurfing and kitesurfing, Folegandros for an authentic Greek experience, or the Peloponnese, especially Monemvasia, on the mainland.

“This uniquely preserved medieval town is carved into the majestic grey rock like a sculpture and you will fall in love with its vaulted alleys, Byzantine churches, and Venetian mansions,” she said.

While there try a traditional Greek cooking class and wine tastings, or venture out into the Peloponnese wine region, where you can stay at the newly-opened Dexamenes seaside hotel, an abandoned 100-year-old winery that has been completely restored.

How to Save on a Greek Honeymoon

While you may be trying to plan a romantic and memorable honeymoon, you also don’t want to start your new marriage with tons of debt. Luckily, there are tips you can use to save money, even while having an international honeymoon in Greece.

One is to avoid peak seasons, which helps reduce crowds but also can help you “save hundreds if not over a thousand dollars not only on flights and accommodation costs but also on restaurant costs and transfer services,” Agnos said.

She also suggested staying in a lesser known island like Paros or Naxos, and then seeing Santorini and Mykonos as a day trip.

“Check for accommodation options with extra perks and even get your travel advisor to ask for extra perks,” she added. “After all, who doesn't like to make honeymooners feel special?”

Courtnie Nichols, owner of TravelBash, a boutique travel company specializing in destination weddings, curated trips and getaways including honeymoons, had another money-saving tip.

“The best way to save is eat local, stay away from the touristy areas, try to find those hidden gems in the villages,” she said. “Take advantage of the ferries and walk around instead of arranging transportation.”