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Honeymoon destinations—unlike destination weddings—are all about the people who just got married. With no relatives to appease or friends to placate, eating preferences to be catered to or songs to (begrudgingly) include, newlyweds can be unabashedly selfish.Honeymoon IdeasThe world is your newly married oyster when it comes to honeymoon ideas. It’s a challenge when planning any vacation to balance wild dreams with realistic budgets, but there are no limits to options available at a range of prices and suited for a range of preferences.Honeymooners looking to relax might look into rental properties, all-inclusive resorts, or luxury hotels. Newly-weds seeking out adventure might sign up for a honeymoon tour of a far-flung city or ecosystem. Honor your interests and open your mind: buy tickets to Coachella or the Bayreuth Festival, organize a trip around the Edinburgh Fringe Festival or New Orleans Jazz Fest. Dress up like Klingons at Las Vegas’s annual Star Trek convention and then catch the newest Cirque du Soleil production on the strip. What matters most is that it’s an experience special to you as a couple.For some, this is the chance to book that trip of a lifetime. So dream big, whether you want to spot gorillas in the mountains of Rwanda, rent an Aston Martin and speed through southern France, sail up an Alaska fjord, book a sumptuous suite overlooking Venice’s Grand Canal, or hole up in a lagoon-side bungalow in Bora Bora.Whether your tastes run more towards adventure or relaxation, beach or mountain, city or countryside, and whether you are a budget-conscious couple looking to have the most fun for the least amount of money or two newlyweds determined to pay for that dream getaway, Travel + Leisure’s editors and contributors seek out the most memorable experiences, drool-worthy vistas, and best values in honeymoon travel.

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