By Ashley Niedringhaus
October 03, 2014
Home Décor Shops in Bangkok
Credit: Norma Joseph/Alamy

It was one beautiful sink at the Chatuchak Market that started my deep love of the home goods in Bangkok. Yes, a sink. I was sweaty from navigating the maze of sois, when I came around a corner to see a shop full of incredibly ornate porcelain sinks that were lined with vibrant colors and patterns. Of course, a sink for the average shopper (none less me, a Bangkok renter) is a somewhat impractical item to lust after. As I regretfully left the sink shop behind, I knew the Bangkok markets and I were going to be very good friends. Outside of the markets, the city is home to many stand-alone décor stores that sell fully customizable, big-ticket items with storeowners willing to assist with shipping. Thai silk, pillow covers, and bedding are all top-notch items that are a bit more carryon-friendly. Whatever you’re looking for, I hope you find your version of my sink here in Bangkok.

Chatuchak Weekend Market Sections 1, 3, 4, 7 and 8

When I first moved to Bangkok, almost every weekend included a trip to this bustling market for home goods. As I shopped, I loaded up backpacks with glasses, silverware, dishes, water pitchers, and accent pieces. I’m headed back soon to design a custom couch for my living room, because JJ really does have everything.


If you’re in the market for Thai silk, Almeta is one of the few shops I’ve found that allows you buy silk with no minimum order. Come to the shop with pre-measured dimensions for pillows, and let the on-site tailors finish your designs for you. This is also a great spot to shop for silk robes.

Jim Thompson Thai Silk Shop

American-born Jim Thompson is synonymous with revitalizing the Thai silk industry. After you’ve visited his impressive house, head to the silk shop for upholstery fabrics, tablecloths, placemats, pillows, sheets, and an array of finished clothing. If you’re looking to buy in bulk for big items like a duvet or curtains, try one of the outlet stores for a large selection of bolts of fabric at a discounted price.


Midcentury modern fans will love hunting for couches, mirrors, handbags and ceramics at Y50. The store has an additional warehouse 30-minutes away, and you can find a lot of their products on their Facebook page. Shipping is available, and the nearby stores are equally fun for shopping.

Agal Décor

Regular clients frequent Algal Décor for their large collection or Oriental-style antiques, furniture and sculptures. Most of the items are impressive reproductions, which helps to tilt the price to something actually affordable. A family of antiquarians has been curating the store’s collections since 1972.