This Florida Hotel Is Offering the World's Largest and Tallest Escape Room Experience

The Escape at Hilton Orlando experience is available now through Oct. 31.

The world's largest and tallest escape room has arrived in Orlando, and believe it or not, you won't find this new attraction at any of Florida's favorite theme parks.

Visitors looking to engage in the ultimate challenge of wits and endurance can head to the Hilton Orlando, which has transformed the entire 1,424-room, 19-story property into an escape room, complete with complex clues, challenges, and even augmented reality experiences.

As the name suggests, escape rooms typically involve solving clues and completing challenges in order to break out of a confined space. But this family-friendly resort has put its own twist on the feat of brains and a little brawn.

Exterior and pool view in the evening of Hilton Orlando
Courtesy of Hilton Orlando

Instead, the Escape at Hilton Orlando involves unlocking a mystery found only by scouring the property. Pulling from the theatrics and creativity that the nearby theme parks are known for, this unique escape room comes with its own storyline to make the experience feel that much more real.

As the story goes, local authorities captured the head of the world's largest spy network, and it turns out that she has been headquartered in the Hilton Orlando all along. In order to shut down her spy network's operations once and for all, guests must track down her secret base using clues she left behind, with the intention of helping her allies continue with their nefarious work.

Hilton Orlando Escape Room

To participate in this escape room mission, guests will receive an exclusive case file upon check in. The file includes instructions and mission assistance notes, as well as a QR code to access the spy communication network (a third party app) from any smart device.

Once inside the app, there will be five missions that guests can complete in any order and at any time throughout their stay. Escape at Hilton Orlando is designed to complement a guest's stay, so there's no time limit or pressure. Guests can leisurely complete their missions between dips in the pool or trips to the theme parks. The resort estimates that all five missions take three to four hours to complete, with plenty of perks and surprises to keep guests motivated along the way.

The Escape at Hilton Orlando experience is included in all room rates for stays now through Oct. 31. For more information, visit the Hilton Orlando website.

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