“There’s a lot of style in Barcelona,” says Niki Robertson, one half of Antiques and Boutiques, a personal shopping and tour company staffed by two longtime expat English fashion designers. “But it’s behind the scenes.” Here, four of their favorite finds.

Blow by Le Swing: Of the three locations of this high-end and mint-condition vintage emporium, the Carrer de Guillem shop has the best collection of accessories and leather goods.

Teranyina Taller Escola Textil: Per Robertson, independent craft is a Barcelona strength. Weaver Teresa Rosa Aguayo holds workshops and also sells her subtle and chic scarves, tapestries and sculptures in a beautiful loft space on a tiny El Raval sidestreet.

Open House: A few doors down from Teranyina is an idiosyncratic collection of design objects (Bless, Zaha Hadid), crafts, Pakistani wool blankets, and art (ceramicist Aitor Saraiba, woodworker Marc Sparfel) brilliantly edited by a transplanted veteran from the interior design and fashion industries.

La Clinique: A just-right jumble of rehabilitated vintage sunglasses, vintage cameras, graphic men’s t-shirts and limited edition sneakers.