I have a crush on Hermes. Anything enclosed in that orange box with brown ribbon will be a part of my life a long time. I know that is a lot of pressure for the French brand started as a saddle enterprise in 1837, but the allure of Hermes and their timeless, chic products are the very definition of posh understatement.

I discovered their classic fragrance, Eau d’Orange Vert, while staying at the Hotel Bristol years ago, before staying at expensive hotels while attending the fashion shows became de mode. Bottles were given out as in-room amenities, and I still have some of those little soaps perfuming my linens. Scents were not something I was drawn to but this one was, and still is, delicious. And so I became addicted. And I'm happy to report Hermes has introduced a new fragrance that evokes Travel. The scent, for both men and women, is appropriately named Voyage d’ Hermes.

The bottle is modeled after a portable vintage magnifying glass, its aluminum part swings on an axis to cover the atomizer. As one would expect, the bottle is designed with the utmost quality and functionality. “It will not be thrown away but live a long time” as the company states. In non-Hermes speak, it's refillable. It is also 1.18 fluid ounces ($90), so you can take it past airport security just to keep it near. A little spray at the gate makes me feel more like Marie Antoinette than one of her corralled horses as I am shuffled onto the plane with the rest of the masses.

Mimi Lombardo is the fashion director of Travel + Leisure.