Still not sure what to buy for those travelers on your gift list? Whether they’re nature-lovers, new parents, or nose-in-the-air fashionistas, the Travel + Leisure “Best Travel Gifts” for 2010 is here to help. Find the complete list here. Or, enjoy this a sneak peek—which just happens to feature my recommendations.

“Keep Calm and Travel On”
Inspired by the WW2-era posters that urged Brits to "keep calm and carry on," this modern update couldn't come at a better time. Worried about a TSA patdown? Keep calm, friend. And, yes, travel on. Available in several colors. Unframed: $15.95; buy 3, get 1 free;

Stash Shoes
IPATH shoes are known for their “stash pocket,” a hidden compartment under the tongue—perfect for hiding a few emergency bucks while on the road. This year, the shoemaker loved by skateboarders has stitched cozy shearling fleece into its signature Cat shoe. They’re like Birkenstocks for the cool kids. From $85;

Chilled Wine Caddy
It's not just white wine that needs chilling. Ideally, a good red is served a few degrees shy of room temperature. For your next outing, slip your chilled tipple into one of these stylish bottle insulators. Available in four colors. $19.99;

Travel Stroller
Between the diaper bags, juice boxes, and of course, the kids themselves, traveling parents have it tough. At least they can leave the huge stroller at home, thanks to Aprica’s new line of lightweight Presto carriers. This stylish stroller is easy to use, durable, and even has a shoulder strap. From $199;

Rugged Shades
Let’s hope the traveler in your life doesn’t need a pair of military-grade bulletproof sunglasses, but all Gargoyles have a knack for surviving rough conditions. Like being crammed into a carry-on bag. Or sat on. The classic aviator-style Alfa model starts at $75; Gargoyles Store.

Time Bandits Space-Time Map
So what if they're dwarfs being chased across time by an angry Supreme Being? The central characters in Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits were serious travelers. Thanks to one fan's meticulous attention to detail, you can now own a faithful (if unauthorized) reproduction of their space-time map. $100;

Road-Ready Crockpot
Like Julia Child and casseroles, the "original slow-cooker" is cool again. For your favorite chef, pick up this all-in-one solution for taking home-cooked meals on the road. The airtight clamps mean no mess, and the six-quart stoneware doubles as a serving dish. $39.99;

Jeff Koyen is the Deputy Online Editor of Travel + Leisure.