By Tanner Saunders
August 09, 2019
Credit: Matthew Zach

If you’re like me, the idea of camping is just a straight up no. Sure, I love the outdoors and nature — I’m always down for a hike — but I don’t want to haul a tent and supplies to a campsite. So naturally, the next best thing is glamping.

If you’ve ever been on Instagram, you’re probably aware that glamping is cool. But glamping in the Hamptons is straight up fabulous — and a fabulous way to escape the “scene” of it all and truly absorb the area's natural beauty.

Credit: Matthew Zach

At Terra Glamping, tucked away in East Hampton’s Cedar Point County Park, guests get a taste of nature with a splash of luxury that doesn’t involve the traditional hassles of normal camping. Home to 30 luxury safari-style tents, set out right near the beach, Terra Glamping is a sort of glamorous oasis hidden between the water and the woods.

Credit: Matthew Zach

While there are many ways to get to the Hamptons — trains and planes being two popular options — Terra Glamping is best experienced by car. For my boyfriend and I, the best option was booking a rental with Silvercar by Audi, an incredibly simple service that allowed us to book an Audi Q7 that was delivered straight to my apartment in Brooklyn. The car’s onboard navigation system was super handy getting us out of NYC traffic and straight to our campsite.

While glamping is obviously luxe, part of the real glamour of Terra glamping is that the experience is designed to help you disconnect. Inside the tents you’ll find a memory foam mattress, dresser, vanity, flashlights, and lanterns, but you won’t find Wi-Fi or electricity. “We have created an unplugged space to spend time with loved ones and connect with nature,” the website claims. Cell Phone chargers are provided, to keep some juice in your phone for when you go explore.

Credit: Matthew Zach

For us, the highlight of the experience was joining the campfire each night and hanging out, drinking rosé with whoever happened to be passing by. The first night, a bachelorette party consisting of girls from NYC and across New England roasted s'mores with us while discussing the pursuit of marriage and arguing about if Sweetgreen is considered fast-food. The next night we joined two couples who had just met and simply enjoyed the company and the incredibly vivid stars overhead.

Credit: Matthew Zach

Though the campsite has a nice grilling area for people who like to cook, we took the Audi to explore different restaurants in Montauk. Sel Rose, a popular spot for oysters in the city, has an outpost in Montauk — and it might be one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve been to. Order the Burrata, thank me later. Another solid dinner option is Muse at the End, where you’ll find live music, amazing cocktails, and Mexican street corn poppers that will change the way you think about appetizers.

Another great thing about having a car while glamping in the Hamptons is using it to explore the area’s various beaches. Luckily, Terra Glamping is right on the beach, and you can even SUP or kayak with equipment provided for free. But you should also take time to hit up South Edison Beach in Montauk or drive past the ridiculous mansions on “Billionaire Lane.” It was cruising with the windows down that made me wish I’d opted for Silvercar’s convertible option.

Credit: Matthew Zach

After snacking on donuts and coffee in the meal tent on Sunday morning, it was time to load up and and make the roughly 100-mile drive back to Brooklyn. On the drive, our conversation centered around the irony that one of the most comfortable mattresses we’d ever slept on was in a tent in the woods, but hey, that’s why it’s glamping.

After a stop at target to load up on supplies that New Yorker’s know to buy when they have access to a car — especially an SUV — Peter from Silvercar met us at the apartment to take back our four-wheeled friend.

And just like that we were city folk again.