Charles Masters

It's happened to us all—halfway across the Atlantic we realize we've forgotten to pack toothpaste. Food critic Anya von Bremzen prefers to taste-test caviar, but bravely agreed to try the international best-sellers. Here's what you're in for if you buy the local brands:

1. Euthymol (Ireland) Chalky flavor and Pepto-Bismol hue, but love the nouveau Gallic logo.

2. Vademecum (Sweden) Classy, efficient, and bland: the volvo of dentifrices.

3. Fa (Morocco) You can smell it from fa, fa away—it's soapy and sneakily gross.

4. Forhan's (India) Brings back the taste of dental surgery.

5. Lesnoy Balzam (Russia) "Forest Balsam" is flavored with bark and pine extracts (that chemical aftertaste is supposed to be pine nuts). This is consumer capitalism?

6. Bamboo Salt (Korea) Deadens the taste buds for about three hours—just what you need after a bowl of kimchee.

7. T-Ovenall (Hungary) A mouthful of sanity in a nifty retro-Pop package.

8. Elgydium (France) Eau my gosh! Leaves your breath smelling of cologne.

9. Meswak (India) Yum. Should be bottled and sold as root beer.

10. Marvis (Italy) The vino nobile of toothpastes, Marvis lingers suavely at the back of the palate.