Our itinerant staffers know it’s not always easy to travel with minimal impact. Here, 10 of our favorite ways to do it.
  1. “A significant percentage of a plane’s carbon emissions come from takeoff and landing. So book nonstop flights whenever possible.” Clara Sedlak, Associate Editor
  2. “I like to know the best resources for green living, from artisanal shops to public parks. Try downloading a list from greenmap.org. It has more than 100 city maps that highlight the top spots.” Mario Mercado, Arts Editor
  3. “I make a practice of booking flights with airlines that recycle waste from food and beverages. Southwest Airlines, for example, recycles cabin waste and was the first to offer a system-wide electronic ticketing program.” Stirling Kelso, Assistant Editor
  4. “Staying at working farms that also function as inns helps travelers connect with an area’s agricultural heritage. Plus, they tend to cost less than hotels.” Meeghan Truelove, Assistant Managing Editor
  5. “Eating locally is one of the best ways to support a community. I try to shop at farmers’ markets and dine at restaurants with locally sourced ingredients.” Search venues in your destination at localharvest.org and eatwellguide.org. Clark Mitchell, Associate Editor
  6. “A plastic bottle often travels thousands of miles before you buy it, so I carry a reusable container or drink locally sourced water when I’m on the go.” Amy Farley, Senior Editor
  7. “I always seek out stores that carry local fashion designers. It helps support the community, and I discover gems that I would never find anywhere else.” Laura Begley, Deputy Editor
  8. “If I can, I bring my bike and ride instead of taking taxis or the subway.” Katharine Van Itallie, Art Director
  9. “I’ll choose a four-hour train ride over a one-hour flight any time I can; it usually costs less, the seats are more comfortable, and there’s scenery out there.” Alice Gordon, Features Director
  10. “Walking tours are low-impact and inexpensive, and help you get to know a place on a more intimate level.” Audiblejourney.com lists more than 300 tours in the United States and abroad. Laura Teusink, Associate Managing Editor