Peru mudslide aide
Credit: JAIME RAZURI/AFP/Getty Images

Peru’s transportation minister announced last week that citizens of the country are in desperate need of basic necessities to survive the floods and mudslides which have decimated the country’s infrastructure and killed more than 100 people since March.

More than 640,000 people have been affected by the flood, with an estimated 70,000 people left homeless. More than 200 bridges and 1,200 miles of highway have been ruined due to the floods and mudslide.

“In the upcoming months there will be great needs in terms of water, shelter and assuring the health care of the population because of water-borne diseases,” UNICEF’s representative in Peru, Maria Luisa Fornara, said in a statement.

Economists have estimated that it will cost $6 billion to reconstruct the damage — about 3 percent of Peru’s GDP. Reconstruction will likely begin in August or September, after heavy rains have stopped. The United States will donate $775,000 to help rebuild Peru and China will donate $1.5 million.

Those wishing to help on a smaller scale can consider donating to organizations providing aid in Peru. The Embassy of Peru in the U.S. is collecting donations, which will be deposited in the National Civil Defense budget. Other local organizations seeking aid are ADRA Peru and CARE Peru.

International organizations on the ground in and sending help to Peru include AmeriCares, Save the Children, Convoy of Hope, All Hands Volunteers and Direct Relief. There is also a Gofundme page for donations set up by local NGO Meraki Peru.

Peru’s Transportation Minister Martin Vizcarra issued a formal cry for help and said that, in addition to monetary donations, Peruvians are also seeking goods like bottled water, canned food, tents and toilet paper for the next few months. Those who would prefer to donate supplies can find a local charity that is collecting clothing and supplies or start their own collection.