By Kira Turnbull
April 16, 2015
Courtesy of Kamalame Cay Resort

Kamalame Cay Resort—a luxury hotel located less than a mile from the third largest coral reef in the world—is teaming up with the Nature Conservancy to help preserve local marine life in the Bahamas.

Over the past thirty years, pollution and progressive climate change have harmed the area’s underwater ecosystems. According to the Nature Conservancy, unless swift action is taken, 70 percent of the world’s coral reefs could be destroyed by 2050.

Kamalame Cay is helping the cause by creating Acroporid coral nurseries along the shoreline. Guests are encouraged to participate in the conservation effort by enrolling in a two-day preservation course and PADI training. Additionally, those who are certified to scuba dive can visit the nurseries, help maintain the areas, and learn how to identify coral bleaching.

More information about the project, this way.

Kira Turnbull is the photo assistant at Travel + Leisure.