Gramercy Park Hotel’s casual new trattoria-style restaurant from Danny Meyer and David Rockwell.
Credit: Todd Plitt

Ian Schrager: I wanted to work with Danny Meyer because his restaurants are as close to perfection as humanly possible. He showed his plans to me, but it’s completely his vision.

Danny Meyer: From the outset, I told Ian that the best thing we could do for the hotel would be to create a restaurant that is of, by, and for its neighborhood—a place with a Roman coffee bar at breakfast that turns into a wine bar at night.

David Rockwell: We used the simple, rustic trattoria as inspiration, where service and function are more important than design.

DM: Exactly. We wanted Gramercy Park and the people to be the main attractions. The windows, for example, open right onto the park.

DR: We’ve also included a bit of New York industrial edge—metal juxtaposed with handworked plaster, stone, and marble; woven fabrics and linens with rough reclaimed wood beams; pieces from antiques shops and architectural salvage.

DM: The restaurant doesn’t force you to dress up, but you won’t stand out if you do. Customers here feel like they’ve come home, even though they’re dining out.

Gramercy Park Hotel