If you're a nervous flier, you already have plenty to worry about: turbulence, the seemingly "fuzzy math" of aerodynamics, and flight attendants who may, at any moment, go rogue. But here's a new issue to obsess over: UFOs.

A recent US News and World Report story explored the unnerving possibility that UFOs are zipping around the skies and distracting your airline pilot when he or she should be totally focused on A) flying safely to your destination and B) turning on the intercom to point out the Hoover Dam or Dollywood outside your window.

The experts, who come from such X Files–sounding groups as the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena, say that pilots have reported seeing "metallic disks, massive cigar-shaped craft, green spheres, and highly agile objects that seem to stop, accelerate, and turn in response to a pursuing pilot's maneuvers."

Good news: The folks at read the article and conferred with their own experts, and made it clear that they don't think flying saucers are going to doom your flight. According to UFO debunker Robert Sheaffer, "the number of fatalities in airline accidents caused by UFOs equals the number of motorists killed in vehicle collisions with unicorns."

Even better news: Unicorns, last we checked, can't fly.