You don’t have to be a motorsports fan to strap on a Mille Miglia—but it helps. The Chopard Mille Miglia 2008 GT XL Chrono marks the twentieth year of watches that commemorate one of the world’s top auto-endurance races. Rally drivers, pilots and even walkers can use the watch’s tachometer function to monitor speeds by comparing elapsed time over a distance—watching highway mile markers, for example—against the numbers on the outer bezel. (To stave off despair, avoid this function during that six-hour Sunday round.) The Chopard stands out with its strongly geometric face, its 3-D effect achieved subtly through chronograph counters arranged in split levels above the dial. A transparent back reveals the self-winding movement inside; other Mille Miglia models have backs that play up the race connection, with a map of the Italian event’s route, from Brescia to Rome. Either way, the movement is designed and manufactured by Chopard, one of the few watch companies that builds timepieces entirely in-house. The 44 millimeter case seems massive at first, but be warned: As with twenty-inch wheels on a modern car, once you grow accustomed to the look, you’ll wonder why your other watches appear so small.


Chopard Mille Miglia 2008 GT XL Chrono

Diameter: 44 mm

Case: Stainless steel

Movement: Self-winding

Price: $9,010

Contact: 800-246-7273,