Did Tiger’s rivals take advantage?


Given how long it takes to come back from major knee reconstruction, there has been plenty of conjecture about the absence of Tiger Woods from competition. Was there one player who took huge advantage of it?Padraig Harrington won the British Open, but he came in as defending champion. Then he won the PGA for good measure. Could Padraig have won both with Tiger around?That’s the question.

Vijay Singh won his $10 million FedEx bonus. He and Ernie Els and a few others have been eclipsed by Tiger over the years. Ernie got duffed up quite a few times—Tiger definitely affected his confidence. It’s interesting to think what Els and Singh would have done if there had been no Tiger Woods. That’s fourteen majors to spare. You could divvy them up and give Vijay and Ernie a few each, most likely.