A stately side of British golf


Americans crossing the Atlantic for golf have so many excellent British links to play they rarely venture inland. When they do leave the coastlines of Britain and Ireland, it’s to play the heathland gems—Walton Heath, St. George’s Hill, Sunningdale and a few others.

Lost in the shuffle are the parkland—and what I call the forestland—courses. Especially the ones that belong to our ancient estates and manors. They are great courses to go play, although I would be quick to say that the manor houses themselves are a huge part of the experience. We have a Faldo Golf Institute at Brocket Hall, in Hertfordshire (brocket-hall.co.uk), which is a cool place to visit. You’ll be out on the course (Brocket Hall has two eighteens) with that great old clubhouse always in the back of your mind. You can play your round and feel what it was like to be around a couple hundred years ago, having the run of a grand estate.