If you travel frequently, especially long hauls with big time differences, two problems you can encounter are insomnia from jet lag and tense, tight muscles and ligaments. Over the past few years I’ve figured out a way to make one of those problems solve the other.

Anytime jet lag causes me to wake up during the wee hours, I get out of bed and do a stretching routine. Instead of just lying there under the covers praying for sleep to come on, I turn on the least possible light, get some soft music going on the iPod and spend thirty minutes or so doing a series of stretches for the back, hips, shoulders and legs. It’s the one time you can’t be in a rush to get through your stretching routine, because it takes time for the drowsiness to come on. When it does, your body feels relaxed, your thoughts aren’t jumping around and you definitely sleep better.

I’m to the point now where I don’t mind if jet lag wakes me up at three in the morning. In fact I quite enjoy it, because I know my middle-of-the-night stretching will make me feel better the next day.

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