Time Traveler
Nigel Cox Clubhouse Time
| Credit: Nigel Cox

Even a short trip—think Los Angeles to Phoenix—can require travelers to reset their wristwatches, and again on the return leg. But that zone-hopping chore can be a pleasure with the World Time 5130P by Patek Philippe. This updating of a Geneva classic that dates to 1930 features two rotating discs that display time in all twenty-four time zones simultaneously. Toggle a single button to bring your current zone to the twelve o’clock position, and the time around the world is a glance away. If you do advance the hands and dials, it won’t affect the watch’s accuracy by even one second—the kind of sleek precision you get in a watch that takes up to a year to build. Bleary eyes will appreciate this edition’s enlarged case, which makes for easier reading and follows the trend toward larger timepieces. And one thing’s certain: You will not see the World Time watch in row forty-one of coach, and perhaps rarely outside of a private jet. It’s hard to imagine any traveler sending this $44,800 heirloom down the black hole of a security conveyor belt.

Patek Philippe

World time 5130P

Diameter: 39.5 mm

Height: 3.88 mm

Case: Platinum

Movement: Mechanical

Price: $44,800

Contact: 212-218-1240, patek.com