Woods Unveils Plans For a Baja Beauty

In the next few years, you’ll be able to get in a car in Southern California, drive sixty miles into Mexico and find yourself at the newest golf paradise on the planet: Tiger Woods’s Punta Brava.

Built on a mind-blowing outcropping just south of Ensenada, the course is part of a $100 million project that promises to get plenty of attention. Plans also call for forty estates, eighty villas and a hotel, which the developers say will create some “body heat” around the otherwise private community.

Woods has two other courses in the works—in Dubai, set to open later this year, and at the Cliffs community in North Carolina, which should debut in 2011—but this is his first seaside design. Seventeen holes will sit right along the Pacific, on some of the best land on the site. In fact, he said every tee, fairway and green on the course will have a view of the ocean.

It was the land, after all, that compelled Woods to take the project. “As soon as I got on site,” he said, “I was in.”