Has the recession forced you to sell your Gulfstream? If you love to fly private, but the current economic crisis is cramping your jet-set lifestyle, there’s a unique new option in the skies. The Greenjets shared-ride service lets you buy a seat on a private jet at a fraction of the cost normally associated with such a luxury. Flights from New York to Florida are as low as $1,100 each way, a bargain compared to owning or renting your own plane—and you avoid the lines and regular security headaches at the airport. Not to mention the added good karma you get from reducing the number of jets in the air when you “jetpool,” if you will.

Here’s how it works: Sign up for a Greenjetcard membership, the company will place you on seats for your desired routes, and you simply pay as you go after each flight. You can even score free trips for yourself or free rides for companions. Greenjets currently flies to New York, Florida, Chicago, and Boston, and is expanding its service to include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta in the coming months. But act fast—the company is offering 50 percent off of Greenjetcard memberships of all levels through the end of the month.

Saving some green while going green? Sounds good to us.

Sarah Khan is a copy editor at Travel + Leisure.