Do you know a travel company that’s changing the world? We want to hear about it!

In 2010, travel and tourism is expected to contribute some $5.8 trillion to the global GDP. Lately, more and more of that money is being channeled in ways that give back to the places we travel through. You know what we’re talking about: the tour operator in southern Africa that’s providing local communities access to education and jobs. The South American cruise line that’s meticulously conserving fragile habitats. The European hotel group that’s contributing to the preservation of a vulnerable historic monument. The multinational corporation that’s lightening its carbon footprint and developing the technology that will allow others to do the same. And the multitude of travel companies that selflessly step in with resources and on-the-ground expertise when disaster strikes around the globe.

Every year Travel + Leisure’s Global Vision Awards recognize the companies and organizations that are leaders in responsible travel. If you know of one that we should consider for the 2010 awards, please encourage it to fill out this year’s application, available here:

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