Davies + Starr Global playlist
| Credit: Davies + Starr

Australian label Petrol Records cherry-picks ultimate world-music compilations from destinations such as Senegal, Cuba, and Portugal for its Best Songs Ever series. T+L tapped Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto—whose new CD, Momento, is in stores now—to select her favorites from the collection.


“La Jardinera,” by Violeta Parra: “A perfect example of Chile’s rootsy mountain folk music—just a guitar and her powerful voice.”


“A Rosa,” by Djavan, featuring Chico Buarque: “Here is modern samba at its best, with jazzy, complex chord changes and a beat that’s constantly changing.”


“Ai Meu Amor Se Bastasse,” by Aldina Duarte: “Duarte uses the full power of her throat until she’s almost screaming.”


“Marikuninha,” by Bongo: “The hoarse singing and energetic groove remind me of Carnival in Bahia, where you really feel the African influence.”


“Mambo Con Cha Cha Cha,” by Maraca: “I'm hypnotized by the trumpets. In Brazilian music, the horns are kind of funky. In Cuba, they're wild and hysterical.”