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Looking for an inspiring trip idea? Travel + Leisure has the latest on today’s global hot spots — the travel destinations on the tip of everyone’s tongues (and at the top of everyone’s Instagram feeds).Whether you want to find the most picturesque waterfalls to pose in front of in Iceland, or are seeking a yoga-themed getaway in Tulum, Travel + Leisure’s writers and editors are here for you, scouring the planet for the world’s best global hot spots, whether they are yet-to-be-uncovered, at the peak of popularity, or ripe for rediscovery. Learn why you need to plan that long-dreamed-of South Africa vacation right now, and the most popular spot for gin-and-tonics in Hong Kong (Ping Pong Gintonería in Sai Ying Pun).Of course, not all hot spots are new. Paris, for example, is a perennial favorite. But a recent downturn in tourism dollars could spell serious change for the world’s most popular tourism destination (and even impact your own trip there).At Travel + Leisure, our global hot spot coverage ranges from a collection of our favorite Instagram photos from New Zealand’s South Island — whose newfound popularity has been fueled by the social media network — to data-driven dives into the sharing economy. You can see the stats from Airbnb’s first year in Cuba, for example, where it netted its hosts an average of $250 per booking in a country where the highest monthly government salary tops off at $40.Partiers can make plans around Travel + Leisure’s top 15 clubs around the world. (Step one: head to Brooklyn) while theme park fans can get the scoop on a proposed $1 billion attraction in Abu Dhabi. For the best trip inspiration, information, and analysis of the most exciting global hot spots, always head here first.

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21 World Heritage Sites You Should Visit Before They’re Lost Forever
From war and climate change to invasive species and mass tourism, the planet's heritage hotspots are always in the balance. Those deemed to be World Heritage Sites by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) get official status and protection, but there's not much even the UN can do to guard against damage to special places in conflict-ridden countries like Syria, Libya, Palestine and Afghanistan. Each year, UNESCO adds to its List of World Heritage in Danger, but it's about far more than those threatened by wars in the Middle East. Armed conflict, natural disaster, severe weather, unplanned urban developments, poaching, pollution and even arson can all play a part in threatening the very reasons why a property was initially inscribed on the World Heritage List. Related:The Statue of Liberty, Venice, and More Destinations Threatened by Climate Change UNESCO's watchlist — which is supposed to serve as a reminder of the places (now numbering 54) that need protection, and not just a depressing list of shame — has had some rather surprising additions to it in the past year. Yes, there are scores of places in Syria on the list; the ancient cities of Aleppo, Bosra and Damascus remain, as does the already badly damaged site of Palmyra. Several places in war-torn Yemen remain on the list, as does Cyrene in Libya, and Bethlehem and Nazareth in Palestine. However, nobody expected to see Austria's capital Vienna added to the list. It's threatened by high-rise development, as are other historic cities, such as Liverpool in England. Meanwhile, deforestation threatens Indonesia's rainforest — home to orangutans — while poaching decimates the population of Tanzania's precious Selous National Park. The latter is a favorite haunt of honeymooners, which goes to show that the List of World Heritage in Danger also acts as a to-do list for anyone who wants to glimpse the world's heritage hotspots before they disappear.
This is the Most Epic, Luxurious Round-the-World Cruise
Ready for the ultimate cruising adventure? Regent Seven Seas Cruises is now offering an epic, 137-night cruise—to five continents.

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