Growing up in Chad and Bordeaux, Hélène and Cèlia Faussart—Les Nubians—were raised on African rhythms and French pop. Their second album, One Step Forward (Higher Octave), fuses the sounds of their two homelands.

Did any particular destinations inspire your latest record? Yes—Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, Egypt, London, and Jamaica.

Where have you come across the best world music? Demsa, in northwest Cameroon, where we danced for three days at a chief's anniversary party, and at the cabaret café Les Bois d'Ébène (237-22/22719) in Yaoundé, the capital.

Why did you record your album in Jamaica? We wanted to experience real reggae music.

What are your favorite Paris nightspots? L'Équateur (151 Rue Saint Maur; 33-1/43-57-99-22) is the best place for Cameroonian cuisine and music. For soul food, there's Tangia (23 Rue de Ponthieu; 33-1/42-25-95-04). We love Pipaul's roving R&B/electronic party (33-6/16-66-65-55; Pablo & Fatou's Tuesday hip-hop parties at Élysées Gardens Club (33-6/19-86-41-46) are great, too, but don't wear sneakers—they won't let you in.