Project Globe: To help support responsible travel, Travel + Leisure called on artists from around the world to create works for a special auction. Here, a look at the project—and the art it inspired.
Eric Boman Project Globe
| Credit: Eric Boman

For nearly four decades, Travel + Leisure has celebrated and explored landscapes and communities around the world. Threatened by the by-products of modern life, many of these irreplaceable natural and cultural wonders are now at risk. Often, their only protection comes from the tireless work of people and programs on the ground. These grassroots efforts frequently remain in the shadows, far from the klieg-lit art world. But for Project Globe 2008, Travel + Leisure draws on the power of art and design to safeguard the world’s treasures. With the assistance of art historian, writer, and T+L contributing editor Gabriella De Ferrari, we asked 18 of the world’s most influential artists and designers to create works of art for an auction to benefit Future Generations, a leading nonprofit devoted to conservation and community development and a 2007 Travel + Leisure Global Vision Award winner. All proceeds from the auction will be held in New York City on September 18 in partnership with PaceWildenstein and Christie’s, will support the organization’s work promoting responsible eco-tourism in the Himalayas—a project that will help sustain both the people and the land in one of the world’s most vulnerable regions.

On the following slideshow, we present the artwork created for Project Globe 2008. Some, like those from Constantin Boym and Laurene Leon Boym and Maya Lin, shatter the idea of the world as a place defined by traditional boundaries. Others, such as April Gornik’s lithograph of a melting iceberg, speak to the challenges we face. And still others, including Rebecca Riley’s map made with images of cells undergoing mitosis, offer promise and rejuvenation. All of these pieces share a common thread: the sense of wonder and discovery, such as that of jewelry designer Gabriella Kiss’s gold-and-sapphire earrings, a pair of clipper ships that recall the era of oceanic exploration. Like Manolo Blahnik’s playful linen-and-raffia stilettos, they are a reminder that stepping out onto this delicate globe of ours can—and should—be a transformative experience.

Curated by Gabriella De Ferrari