Catching up with the fashion pack

On the road, these neo-nomads follow their own set of rules: Keep a closet in several cities, tip freely, pack scented candles, and always get your assistant to paddle your canoe. Want to know more?We asked seven mileage moguls to tell us.

Aerin Lauder
director of creative product development, Estée Lauder
best vacation A week at Amandari, Bali; it has the most incredible pool.
worst vacation A long weekend at my husband's college dorm.
travel talisman My husband's striped pajamas.
dream hotel The Bel-Air in L.A.-- terrific service, incredibly romantic, and I love the pink towels at the pool.
carry-on Red-and-cream Victoria bag from Hermès packed with books (anything by Louis Begley), my giant makeup bag, a Discman, and cashmere socks.
in-air beauty tip Drink a glass of water for each hour on the plane. I learned that from my uncle Leonard.
how not to look jet-lagged Before getting off the plane, I put a mix of moisturizer and GoBronze Tinted Self-Tanner on my face.
shopping haunt Kensington Church Street, London
favorite museum Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. I love the Brueghel Room.
airport discovery Twiglets, a pretzel-like British snack.
scrapbook source Asprey-- I have their oversize leather scrapbooks stacked so high, I use them as a table in my library.
first thing in a hotel room I call my mother.21st-century travel plans Gundel, in Budapest; India; Burma; Africa.

Alek Wek
best trip Last June I returned to the Sudan with World Vision to help raise international awareness of the war and famine. It was my first time back since 1991, when my sister and I fled to London. I was 14.
fluent in Dinka, Arabic, and English.
airplane blanket A giant Missoni cashmere scarf-- I'm so sad I lost mine.
for fun in new york Eat vegetable curry at the Jackson Diner, an Indian spot in Jackson Heights, Queens, and then shop for sari fabrics and gold jewelry.
paris pad Les Citadines Trocadéro, a residential hotel between the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower-- nice because you can make yourself a cup of tea, and there's no mini-bar staring at you.
favorite souvenir Mirror from the souk in Marrakesh.
best moisturizer Vaseline.
perfect sleep On the veranda of my family's old house in Wau, our village in the southern Sudan.

Arnold Scaasi
how to travel with a ball gown Stuff the body and sleeves with tissue, then cover it with a plastic dry cleaner's bag plus a sufficiently long garment bag. Or, if you plan to check it, fold the stuffed gown in a cardboard box lined with dry cleaner's plastic. On arrival, shake the dress and hang it in the open air-- 90 percent of the wrinkles will disappear.
men's packing 101 Put shoes on bottom of suitcase, add a layer of tissue, drape trousers across, stack shirts on top, pull pant legs around them.
excess baggage I carry extra hairspray, plus way too many ties and shoes. I have red patent leather loafers, custom-made by Comfora in Capri, that always cheer me up.
a favorite place Bodrum, Turkey. To me, it's what St.-Tropez used to be 25 years ago (though our group of Americans are probably the best-dressed there).
the ultimate hotel Hotel Scalinatella in Capri, especially because the suites have two bathrooms, so I don't have to share with my traveling companion, Parker Ladd.

Christina Kim
designer and owner, DOSA
favorite places Joshua Tree, California; Varanasi, India; Phosphorus Bay off Vieques, Puerto Rico.
where everyone will want to go in 2020 Antarctica and Siberia.
most memorable breakfast Toast and coffee at Achrol Lodge in Jaipur, India, surrounded by wandering peacocks.
best beaches Cheju Island, South Korea.
favorite hotels Las Golondrinas, Oaxaca, Mexico; Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur, India.
in her carry-on Water, Walkman, buckwheat-hull pillow, Indian wool shawl, dried berries.
toiletry kit essentials Carta d'Armenia, a paper incense, from Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella, Florence; Kiehl's Cucumber Essence; and fresh Mexican limes to remind me of home.
lucky charms Several little Buddhas and pictures of my grandmother and my cat, tucked into clear plastic boxes.
favorite snack Ting ting jahe, Indonesian ginger candy.
most useful travel clothes Velvet drawstring pants, shahtoosh shawl, African cotton pareu.
shopping haunts Ted Muehling, New York (for jewelry); Raimondo Bianchi, Milan (for flowers).
favorite beauty product Korean bamboo salt toothpaste.
best vacation Road trip in a '67 Ford Falcon through the U.S. Southeast.
the perfect indulgence A head massage at the Imperial Hotel, Delhi, India.

Peter Marino
on the road Two weeks every month for business.
typical 10-day itinerary Athens, Cap-Ferrat, London, Paris, Milan.
fashion credits Designed the new Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior outposts in Paris; the Donna Karan Collection boutique, London; and Valentino, Giorgio Armani, and Barneys stores on Madison Avenue.
way to go British Airways' first-class sleeper-- the seats extend into beds with down comforters and TV's, and there's no one next to you.
air accoutrements Two standard-issue eye masks and foam earplugs.
best trip A helicopter ride in the Swiss Alps to see the extraordinary chalets called Walser Houses that were built by Germanic tribes fleeing Attila the Hun.
favorite room The 15th-century emperor's throne room at Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan. The aesthetic seems as valid today as it ever was.
nicest beach Jones Beach, New York. You can have your Greek Islands.
will stop everything to Hear the Berlin or the Vienna Philharmonic.

Carter Smith
fashion photographer
amazing place Guilin, China, an hour's flight from Hong Kong. I rented a tiny fishing houseboat from an old couple and sailed past water buffalo and swimming children.
best vacation In Tulum, Mexico, I stayed with a group of friends at Osho Tulum in round stone rooms with hanging beds draped in netting. bad trip The 15-hour car ride with my family from Bowdoinham, Maine, where I grew up, to my grandmother's in upstate New York. My little sister and I would punch and scream the whole way.
snooze control Tylenol P.M. at takeoff.
suitcase Black nylon Tumi on wheels.
essentials CD's (anything by Aphex Twin), Sony travel speakers, swimsuit, several pairs of gray New Balance sneakers, gray T-shirts, cargo pants in every color.

security blanket My blue hooded sweatshirt that's almost in shreds.
on the lookout for Antlers and old library card files (for storing CD's and Polaroids) and smooth round rocks-- I have one from everywhere I've been.
splurge Five hundred dollars on incense at a Buddhist temple in Kamakura, Japan.

Donatella Versace
way to go Air France's Concorde.
favorite book American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. I read it in Italian and English.
favorite hotels The St. Regis, New York City; the Connaught, London; Hôtel Ritz, Paris.
best facial Bliss, New York City.
perfect escape Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands; Christmas at Goldeneye, Ian Fleming's old house (now a Chris Blackwell rental) in Oracabessa, Jamaica.
ideal weekend The Versace villa on Lake Como, Italy.

By Arnold ScaasiDonatella Versace and Margot Guralnick