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Q. What do we need in order to get married in Jamaica?

A. A passionate commitment to live your life together to the fullest, with a glimmer of hope in your eye and a dash of—oh, you mean, like, paperwork and stuff?Well, the answer is: not much. To get a marriage license, you'll both have to show your birth certificates. If either of you have been married before, you should also bring divorce decrees or death certificates to show you are no longer married. You'll have to be on the island for 48 hours before you can apply for the license. You'll fill out the paperwork and submit it at the Ministry of National Security and Justice, Block 4, 12 Ocean Blvd., in Kingston; the phone number there is (876) 922-0080.

You can get married by priests and most pastors in Jamaica, since almost all of them are licensed to preside over weddings. You can also arrange for a non-religious ceremony by a marriage registrar. For more information, visit the Jamaican Embassy Web site at