It may not have a rhyming slogan all its own, but the world screams plenty for gelato. This week, enthusiasm for the extra-creamy Italian treat will culminate at the grand opening of the world’s first Gelato Museum in Bologna, Italy. Yes, gelato is finally immortalized in its very own museum. And, it's no surprise that the grand idea came from Carpigiani, one of Italy's early gelato innovators.

Gelato fans from around the world making the pilgrimage to Bologna will experience gelato’s complete history—and get to the bottom of the real differences between ice cream, gelato and sorbet. Exhibits will feature the history and technology of gelato as told through an English-speaking guide, photographs, replicated gelato-making tools and a test kitchen where guests can learn how to craft their own concoctions. But, let's talk about the best part: the tasting room. The museum went above and beyond by developing modern versions of 19th-century recipes, like a raspberry sorbet from an 1822 recipe and coffee sorbet from a recipe written in 1854. Fruit gelato, soft gelato, and traditional flavors will also be featured in the tasting room. Overindulgence, allowed.

Kelsi Maree Borland is an editorial intern for Travel + Leisure.