The Catskills Just Got a Super-luxe Campground — With Hammocks, Outdoor Kitchens, and Hot Showers

Add "camping in comfort" to your summer to-do list.

A tiny camping home at Getaway Campground in the Catskills
Photo: Joy Kim/Courtesy of Getaway Campground

Not everyone is a camper — and that's OK. But just because you don't own a camp stove and have never slept outside before doesn't mean you can't get up close to nature. There's a happy medium between roughing it and glamping, and a series of campsites in Catskill, New York are proving it.

Getaway Campgrounds is a summer pop-up offering a camping experience with enough amenities to make the transition to the woods a little smoother. Their location in the Catskills has campsites that are built for comfort, with private, modern bathrooms and perks like a pre-hung hammock and a well-stocked outdoor kitchen. What that means is that you'll be sleeping, cooking, and spending your time out in nature, without having to worry about buying a camp stove, packing dishes, or going without a hot shower.

A hammock and tent at the Getaway Campground in the Catskills
Tory Williams/Courtesy of Getaway Campground

If you book the campground's more minimal offering, the "DIY," you'll arrive at your pre-reserved campsite to find a set of Adirondack chairs, a private fire pit, a soft area to set up your tent (which is BYO), a covered canopy with a picnic table, and a kitchenette stocked with dishware, cutlery, a propane burner, a pan, and a kettle. Nearby is a private bathroom suite with a toilet, sink, and hot shower stocked with towels and basic toiletries. Oh, and to make your new 200-square-foot piece of land feel extra homey, there's a pre-hung hammock beckoning you to put up your feet.

A guest in a hammock at the Getaway Campground in the Catskills
Tory Williams/Courtesy of Getaway Campground

Meanwhile, the "All-Set" booking makes the experience even more effortless. You'll arrive to find all the perks of the DIY with one noticeable upgrade: a pitched canvas tent housing a queen bed, blanket, pillows, and linens.

In short, you'll have everything you need and nothing you don't, making your packing list substantially shorter. Still not sure what to bring? Getaway has a handy packing list and extras like firewood, fire starter, coffee, s'mores, and insect repellant are available at the campground for purchase.

New York's Getaway Campground is located in the Eastern Catskills next to the Getaway brand's New York Outpost, a series of chic rental cabins. Both lodging options are less than two hours from Manhattan by car and accessible by public transit.

The Getaway Campground in the Catskills has 10 campsites available to book in-advance, online. The DIY booking can accommodate up to four campers while an All-Set reservation is for two adults and one child. Dogs are welcome, but are an additional $40 for guests who book the All-Set package (due to additional cleaning of the tent).

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