This Hiking Club Wants to Take You on a 60-mile Journey Through One of America's Most Beautiful Landscapes

Up that step count in the great outdoors.

Hiking Big Bear Lake, California
Photo: Courtesy of Highlander

Highlander, a long-distance hiking event series, is coming to America for an epic adventure through one of the nation's most beautiful landscapes. From Sept. 27 to Oct. 2, the event series is heading to Big Bear Lake in Southern California's San Bernardino National Forest. It's offering three different formats to allow for maximum accessibility, including a 60-mile, five-day trek; a 30-mile, three-day journey; and a 15-mile weekend trip.

Founded in Croatia in 2017 by three friends who share a deep love of long-distance hiking, Highlander has grown to become the largest hiking club in the world, hosting more than 100 events in more than 20 countries, all with the mission of helping people further immerse themselves in the great outdoors.

Hiking Big Bear Lake, California
Courtesy of Highlander

"This is a milestone moment for us, and we're thrilled that Highlander is finally being introduced in the U.S. as we further our ultimate goal of motivating people to enhance their mental and physical health through hiking adventures and unique experiences," Highlander's CEO Jurica Barac shared in a statement provided to Travel + Leisure. "We are confident that this Highlander experience, which explores one of the most unique destinations in the U.S., will help participants push beyond their limits and conquer self-doubt, giving them a newfound sense of gratitude for nature that will stay with them for the rest of their lives."

The event isn't just about putting one foot in front of the other. According to the company's website, hikers will have the opportunity to enjoy lectures, yoga classes, presentations, and live music along their route.

There are a few rules to follow for the hikes, including bringing your own camping gear, clothing, and a first-aid kit. The entry fees begin at $329 for individual entry to the 30-mile event and $519 for individual entry to the 60-mile event. Access to on-duty Mountain Rescue Service members, food, maps, and leisure activities is included.

Hiking Big Bear Lake, California
Courtesy of Highlander

This isn't the only hike the company is hosting this year. Additional events include hikes in Croatia, the United Kingdom, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece, Montenegro, and the United Arab Emirates. Highlander is also already plotting out excursions in Italy, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Patagonia, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Austria in 2023.

Registration for the Big Bear Lake event is open now until Sept. 19. Space is limited, so if you're interested, make sure to snag your spot now. The event welcomes everyone from novice adventurers to seasoned hikers.

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