Last night marked the end of an era. In living rooms around the country, fans of ABC's Lost were glued to their television sets for the epic, two hour series finale. (Some extreme fans in NYC even enjoyed Dharma Beer at the Bell House in Brooklyn, while a friend of mine's band, Previously on Lost, performed before screening the finale. Be sure to check them out; they're bound to keep performing long after the show's end.)

That being said, with the end of Lost, fans may feel somewhat, well...lost, themselves. What to do now that there's nothing new to look forward to? Pray for a feature film? A spin-off? (Unless it's about Bernard and Rose, this better not happen.)

How about instead, do as the cast did, and visit some of their favorite haunts in Waikiki—Lost was filmed in Hawaii, so of course the cast took up temporary residence. I was in touch with Daniel Dae Kim's—the actor who plays Jin-Soo Kwon—publicist and she gave me the scoop on hot spots the cast frequented, as well as some of Kim's top picks. (He'll be sticking around, now that CBS has given the green light to a reimagined Hawaii Five-O.)

The Cast

Halekulani Hotel was one of the two hotels that served as host to the cast for the final season, so naturally they spent a good amount of their downtime here. Sunday brunch at Orchids restaurant—where you can feast on dishes like scrambled eggs with Kona lobster or banana–macadamia nut pancakes—was a regular go-to, as were late night drinks at Lewers Lounge.

At Waikiki Parc—the second half of the hosting hotel duo—the cast was known to frequent Nobu Waikiki lounge, known for its extensive sushi and sashimi menu, but also serving hot dishes like Tazmanian ocean trout with crispy spinach, and oysters filo with caviar.

Daniel Dae Kim

Kim often stops by Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar, a contemporary sushi/new wave Asian restaurant, where he's a fan of the Dungeness crab ramen with Asian truffle broth. For a nightcap away from the hotel, he hits up thirtyninehotel, whose extensive signature cocktail list includes the Hawaii 39—sour cherry and Prosecco.

But life in Hawaii isn't all about food and drink. To help keep fit—if you've seen even one episode of Lost, you know there is an awful lot of running involved, among other physically demanding activities—Kim hits up Koko Head State Park for a challenging hike. If you follow in his footsteps, your efforts are rewarded with breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding green hills and ocean. (Tip: start early in the day and pack lots of water and sunscreen.)

Kim also spends time running at Diamond Head, a cone-shaped dormant volcano–turned-park. Visited by active tourists and locals alike, the real challenge is the .8 mile hike from the base to the rim of the crater—short, but extremely challenging.

So don't mourn the loss of a show. (Okay, you can mourn a little. I know I will.) But instead, think of it as motivation to kickstart your own Lost adventure.

Joshua Pramis is an online associate editor at Travel + Leisure.

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