The other day I saw these cute cards in the window of The Village Invites, a small stationery boutique near our offices, and just had to take a closer look. I'm a sucker for well-designed letterpress stationery, and this print shop has a lot of attractive offerings. Even though I don't have an immediate need, I bought myself a small pile of travel postcards from their selection. I love everything about them: the tactile quality of the velvety paper stock, the richness of their colors and inks, the clever illustrations and sophisticated designs.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The world map card comes with a needle and thread, so you can stitch the routes of your journeys onto it. The bicycle card is made of eco-harvested Ash wood veneer, and literally looks like a very thin slice of a tree trunk.

The Village Invites specializes in letterpress, engraved, and silk-screened printed invitations, but they also carry an array of greeting cards, calendars, stationery, and some of the most beautiful gift-wrap paper out there.

Maria Stegner is a designer at Travel + Leisure