By Jacqueline Gifford
November 20, 2014
La Parfumerie Moderne

This fall, I’ve been crushing on a new fragrance line: Philippe Neirinck’s La Parfumerie Moderne, which evokes the glamorous, Art Deco days of travel. (The streamlined labels are even a nod to vintage luggage tags and hotel logos.) The collection of three perfumes, all unisex, includes Désarmant—a lilac scent with heart notes of cinnamon, ylang ylang, and rose, as well as base notes of osmanthus and vanilla, among others.

When designing Désarmant, Neirinck took inspiration from a perfume found in what was said to be the Maharani of Jaipur’s guest room at the Royal Picardy, in Northern France. (The hotel, once one of Europe’s most glamorous, shuttered in the 1950s.) With its notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and vetiver, No Sport is a heavier, more masculine fragrance; its name is a cheeky reference to Winston Churchill, who once said the key to a long life was “No sports, just whiskey and cigars.” Cuir X is another leathery, spicy hit, with notes of tangerine, saffron, and tonka bean—after a few minutes of wearing it, I even picked up the smell of whiskey on my skin. All of the perfumes, $220, are currently available at

Jacqueline Gifford is the Senior Editor, Travel & Beauty at T+L. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @jacquigiff