Here, a selection of useful hints at the start of another holiday weekend:

1. Go to For up-to-date travel information, check with the Transportation Security Administration. Though airport and airline measures vary, the TSA is still the best resource.

2. Be prepared. Security lines will be longer than usual, so arrive extra early. For international travel, that means getting to the airport at least three hours before your departure time. Don't forget to check-in online: not only will you bypass the lines at check-in, you'll also pay less for checked baggage.

3. Stay organized. Security check points are guaranteed to be hectic. Avoid wearing lots of jewelry, opt for slip-on shoes, and be thoughtful when packing your carry-on.

4. Expect the unexpected. To avoid potential threats, airline staffers are purposefully trying to confuse the public. Be relaxed and understanding—these security measures are for your safety, after all.

For more on the new security rules and procedures, watch T+L's features editor, Nilou Motamed, on NBC's Today show.

Sarah Kantrowitz is an associate editor at Travel + Leisure.