With seemingly endless outdoor activities and sunny days, Boulder, Colorado, is a mecca for healthy living (just ask the Olympians who live there). Four ways to get a Rocky Mountain high.

The Hike

Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks maintains more than 146 miles of trails, many in view of the city’s beloved Flatiron rock formations. On a naturalist-led night hike, you might encounter mule deer and even wide-eyed great horned owls in the glow of the moon.

The Spa

Book a holistic treatment at downtown’s Sensorielle Day Spa (1801 13th St.). The product ingredients—from lavender to Saint-John’s-wort—are sourced locally by Austrian expat Helena Meyer, whose naturopathic ancestors treated the Hapsburg court.

The Workout

Join Annette Tånnader-Bank, a Swedish track-and-field competitor, for a Nordic walk. Using ski-style poles and full-body movements, you’ll wind along the 5 1/2-mile Boulder Creek Path and end with stretching at the water’s edge.

The Ride

The recently launched bike-share program Boulder B-Cycle ($5 per 24-hour-period) lends out wheels from docking stations all over town. On Goose Creek Trail, whiz past prairie and cotton-wood trees, then tip back a reward at Boulder Beer (2880 Wilderness Place).