While Dallas celebrates the opening of its new performing arts campus on October 12 (, 40 miles away the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History reopens on November 20in a new building by Mexico City architects Legorreta & Legorreta. Located near the AmonCarter, Kimbell, and Modern Art museums, and within Fort Worth’s Cultural District, thebrick-and-glass structure combines a children’s museum, planetarium, renovated Omni IMAXtheater, and new interactive exhibits devoted to dinosaurs that roamed in Texas and the history ofenergy production, plus a series of interior courtyards with bold, brightly colored, and whimsicalsculptures. A distinctive 76-foot-tall glass tower marks the entrance of the 133,000-square-footmuseum, acting as a focal point for the campus and emitting a golden glow that Legorreta describesas an “urban lantern.”