By Raul Barreneche
September 23, 2009

While Dallas celebrates the opening of its new performing arts campus on October 12 (, 40 miles away the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History reopens on November 20in a new building by Mexico City architects Legorreta & Legorreta. Located near the AmonCarter, Kimbell, and Modern Art museums, and within Fort Worth’s Cultural District, thebrick-and-glass structure combines a children’s museum, planetarium, renovated Omni IMAXtheater, and new interactive exhibits devoted to dinosaurs that roamed in Texas and the history ofenergy production, plus a series of interior courtyards with bold, brightly colored, and whimsicalsculptures. A distinctive 76-foot-tall glass tower marks the entrance of the 133,000-square-footmuseum, acting as a focal point for the campus and emitting a golden glow that Legorreta describesas an “urban lantern.”