That’s right, make your next vacation a nauseatingly good time with a tour of competitive-eating sites. As documented on Man vs. Food, the weekly show on Travel Channel, there are tons of food challenges to earn participants fame, free food, and the booby prize: major heartburn.

In case you’d like to do a national tour of eat-this-ungodly-amount-of-food-in-this-very-short-amount-of-time offers, Coupon Sherpa, a site devoted to coupon codes and promotions, compiled this list of free-food challenges.

Here are some of our top picks:

Big Texan Steak Ranch, Amarillo TX
If you can finish the 72-ounce steak (plus the roll, shrimp cocktail, garden salad, beans, and baked potato) under an hour, it’s yours for free along with a t-shirt, mug, and gluttony fame. If not, be ready to fork over $72 and a few years off your life. Of the 48,000 that have competed, 8,000 have made—one of which was a petite grandmother at age 65.

The West End Tavern, Boulder, CO
Diners who eat 50 wings (to the bone, the restaurant stipulates) in under 30 minutes get a T-shirt and a dozen free wings for another visit. Losers get berated with chicken insults.

Nascar Café, Las Vegas, NV
Eat the 6-pound 23-inch burrito and you win unlimited rides on The Sahara’s Speed Roller Coaster—you don’t have to do it after the feast, thank goodness.

Just make sure to upload your photos to and too.

Charlotte Savino is the online listings editor at Travel + Leisure.

Photos courtesy of NASCAR Cafe