So—you've resolved to eat healthier in 2013? We salute you. But if you're worried that the only way to stick to your new strict diet is stop traveling—too many temptations out there!— here's some good news: Your diet is safe in Chelsea, Mass.

That's because, as of New Year's Day, the Boston suburb instituted a tough ban on trans fats in restaurants. That means a serious dearth of French fries, gravy, pies, cookies or anything really good to spread on your morning toast. It's reportedly a tougher ban than either Boston or NYC's similar laws, which allow trace amounts of trans fats—and it makes the Big Apple's impending ban on jumbo sodas seem downright restrained.

No surprise, some Chelsea businesses are up in arms: Bakeryowner Richard Katz told the local newspaper that his bagel recipe is still intact, but that he's had to scrap his now-trans-fat-free pastries after customers complained of "a rancid aftertaste. I will not sell an inferior product to my customers. I would rather just stop making it."

The good news for food lovers (and perhaps bad news for that diet): Boston's rules still make room for Parker House Rolls, and the entire North End—and they're both just a short ride away from Chelsea.