"Without travel, a man is but a poor creature!" -W.A. Mozart

Good news for globetrotting music buffs: More than two centuries after the world-renowned composer graced the concert halls of Europe, Salzburg-based European Mozart Ways (founded in 2002) has come out with 18 itineraries connecting cities, regions, and institutions visited by the master during his travels throughout the continent (in all, 200 towns in 10 countries). Planning a trip to Paris? A search for the city on the initiative's easy-to-use website yields a downloadable itinerary containing an overview of the two major trips he took there during the late 18th-century, a list of spots he visited (plus addresses), and detailed maps.

It's no wonder the initiative won the Council of Europe's elusive "Major Cultural Route" stamp—the level of detail is impressive. You'll find both major (Palais du Luxembourg) and more intimate (the palace of countess Lillebonne) performance venues, cafes where Mozart "enjoyed an ice" after a concert (Cafe Chartres), and the homes of close friends (Bademeister Brie residence, 8 rue Moliere).

Bree Sposato is an editorial assistant at Travel + Leisure.