Beach Tomato Special Report | To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year, Prince Harry touched down in Jamaica on Monday, as part of the royal tour of the Caribbean. Since arriving the Prince has been mixing with the locals and keeping himself very busy. There's been rum tasting, dancing and a beading brow or two (note to self, Harry: long sleeved-shirts and midday heat don't go hand in hand). But with so many flawless stretches of sand on offer, we've been pondering which beach he will head to next. And, from the thousands to be savoured, this is our guide to the best beach to meet your Prince.

La Sagesse, Grenada
The Caribbean at its most romantic. Located on the quiet southeast coast of Grenada, La Sagesse is a sublime half-a-mile of crescent shaped shore, lined with palm trees and wild flowers. With hardly another person in sight (most get drawn to busier beaches like Grand Anse) it's the perfect place for wannabe castaways to spend some time marooned together.

The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
Located at the southern end of Virgin Gorda in the BVI, The Baths are a stunning set of grottoes and pools formed by giant granite boulders thrown-up in the island's volcanic past. A uniquely beautiful marine playground, enjoy a peaceful dip in the lagoon at The Crawl or make your way through the rocks to the stretch of beach at Devil's Bay for snorkeling. Finish your day with the local rum cocktail - "The Painkiller" - not that you'll be in any pain, mind.

Castara Bay, Tobago
Just when you thought the pace of life in the Caribbean can't slow any further, you discover Castara Bay. Framed by a peaceful fishing village, it's one of the most tranquil spots on the North Tobago shore. If you can't bear to leave the beach (we usually can't), grab lunch at one of the seafront restaurants (try the barbecued barracuda caught straight from the bay).

Dropsey Bay, Anguilla
One of the most tranquil bays on the laid back Anguilla, this tiny cove is south of Long Pond Bay, on the Caribbean side of the island. With warm and crystal clear water, caves to explore and warm pools to wallow in, and a couple of offshore reefs that turn waves into ripples: it's one of our snorkeling spots of choice.

Jalousie Beach, St. Lucia
On St Lucia's southwest coast, nestled between the stunning Piton volcanic peaks, lies one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean: Jalousie. Yes, it's a picture perfect stretch of sand. But its scenery rewards in so many other ways too. Whether it's walking around the bay and up to the 700m-plus summits of The Pitons - now a world heritage site - to take in the views. Or the amazing diving to be had off the 600m underwater drop near the base of the mountains. After all that, kick back and enjoy a cold local beer, it's got a name that trips off the tongue: Piton.

Pink Sands, Bahamas
No points for guessing what colour the sand is here. Located 50 miles east of Nassau on Harbour Island, Pink Sands offers over three miles of perfectly pink sand and gentle waters. The beach's unique colours are a delight to the eye as different shades of pink reveal themselves with the changing light throughout the day, each contrasting with the turquoise water immediately beside the beach and the dark blue of the ocean beyond the outlying reefs. It's enough to inspire the inner artist in all of us.

Guestblogger Beach Tomato, the UK-based experts in sun, sand, and surf, is a regular contributor to Carry On.

Photos courtesy of Beach Tomato.