This New Vegas Ride Lets You 'Fly Over' the Grand Canyon Without Leaving the Strip

Here's how you can visit the best of the American West in one mind-blowing "trip."

A new attraction is coming to the Las Vegas Strip that will have you soaring above the clouds.

On Thursday, hospitality company Pursuit announced its plans to launch FlyOver, an immersive flight ride that will take people high above the Strip and beyond. According to the company, the ride will have people gliding over "the American West's most iconic locations and natural wonders as part of this cutting-edge entertainment experience."

"FlyOver in Las Vegas will give visitors a new and visually stunning way to see breathtaking landscapes of the American West," Lisa Adams, Vice President of FlyOver Attractions, shared in a statement. "Much like our FlyOver concepts around the world, our new Las Vegas attraction will push the boundaries of escape and take guests on the ultimate flying ride adventure."

legs dangling off ride that makes it seem to fly over the American west
Courtesy of FlyOver

Here's how the ride works: People enter the ride and strap into seats facing a 52-foot "vibrant spherical screen" that completely surrounds guests. Once the ride begins, guests will be lifted off the ground, leaving their feet dangling off their chairs as they "fly" through destinations like the Grand Canyon, Zion and Arches National Parks, Lake Tahoe, and the Strip. During the ride, the platform will move with six degrees of motion, allowing guests to feel like they are truly flying. Special effects including wind, mist, and location-specific scents, will make it feel all the more real.

"The need to escape, relax and restore through travel experiences will become much more meaningful as we emerge from what has been an incredibly challenging year," David Barry, president of Pursuit, shared. "Introducing a new FlyOver attraction in a globally recognized tourism destination like Las Vegas marks another milestone across Pursuit's growing FlyOver portfolio. This new attraction will enable us to connect visitors with a distinctive experience that showcases both the vibrancy of Las Vegas along with the stunning natural wonders of the American West."

The new attraction will open later this year next to the Hard Rock Café on the Las Vegas Strip. For more information about FlyOver in Las Vegas visit its website now.

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