By Gabrielle Blitz
December 30, 2013

All eyes are on Brazil, host of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. It should be no surprise then that Rio de Janeiro tops the list for the number one vacation rental destination for next year, as determined by FlipKey®, a leading vacation rental website.

While some travelers are hoping to go across the world to Bali, one of the leading vacation rental destinations, many are instead planning to relax stateside—and in Florida, in particular. The Sunshine State dominated the top 10 list, with Miami Beach taking the number two spot.

Overall, whether travelers are crossing time-zones or staying local for vacation rentals, they’re all asking the same question—which way to the beach?

For more information on the top 10 trending vacation rental destinations, visit FlipKey®.

Gabrielle Blitz is associate social media editor at Travel + Leisure.