The hot sauces we’ve collected on our trips around the globe transport us back to those exotic getaways. Here, we rate our favorite scorchers and tell you where to find them.
James Wojcik Can you stand the heat?
| Credit: James Wojcik

South Africa

Nando’s PeriPeri Sauce

A freshening dose of lemon focuses the earthy bird’seye peppers in an allpurpose sauce made from native African chiles. 888/6252657;; 4.7 oz. $3.79.


Susie’s Original Hot Sauce

Artisanally made since the 1960’s, this savory concoction gets its deep orange color from a blend of red habaneros and yellow mustard. 954/9477569;; 5 oz. $4.99.


Marie Sharp’s Green Habanero Pepper Sauce

A blend of green chiles tempered by prickly pear and lime juice, made in the Maya Mountain foothills. 866/9979328;; 5 oz. $4.95.


Harissa du Cap Bon

A superb example of the spicy harissa paste found throughout North Africa, scented with cumin and coriander. Select Whole Foods Markets; 4.8 oz. $2.95.

Trinidad and Tobago

Matouk’s West Indies Hot Sauce

Pickled Scotch bonnets and papaya give this saltysweet elixir its thick, chunky texture and mellow pepper profile. 800/2969646;; 10 oz. $5.95.

By Matt Lee and Ted Lee