For the latest deals and perks available at a hotel, sign up to follow the property on Twitter. Here’s what you’ll find.


Expect real-time property news, customized hotel packages based on Twitter follower feedback, prizes (“mini-bar” baskets), and free rooms.

Recent Tweet: A giveaway of a night in the John Lennon and Yoko Ono Suite at Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth.


Marriott’s 30,000 followers get advance notice on Web promotions, breaking news, and travel agent–style services to help travelers choose the right property.

Recent Tweet: A special for New York City hotels, with rooms starting at $159 a night.


There are giveaways for spa treatments and meals, plus Twitter-only promotions inspired by current events.

Recent Tweet: A $109 introductory rate at the Kimpton Palomar, in Chicago.


Hilton tweets to a following of 125,000 people, offering free stays, amenities, and extras such as tickets to movie screenings from Hilton’s partners.

Local Tweet: @HiltonDisney has lists for wedding planning, local attractions, and eco-friendly travel.

Design Hotels

You’ll find first-time follower and retweet promotions, as well as access to a customer-service specialist.

Local Tweet: The Albion restaurant (@albionsoven), at London’s Boundary Hotel, even updates followers when fresh bread is coming out of the oven.

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By Catesby HolmesDarrell HartmanAlexander BasekSherri EisenbergKathryn O'Shea-EvansLisa ChengErin FlorioSarah Storms and Jennifer Coogan